Any robot project must rely on frequent coordination with other elements of the “Robot Community”

Two of our programs are based on the competition frameworks created by FIRST(

The FIRST Lego League engages students from 9 to 14 years old in an annual themed competition. This program is based on two projects, a robot game on a 4ft X 8ft table, and a presentation based on the team’s research on the current challenge theme. FLL is international in scope and is represented in Tennessee by the Tennessee FIRST Lego League. These use the Lego NXT robot as the program basis. Very useful information about the current FLL challenge is available at, a site that provides planning sheets and other important information in a PDF printable format.

High school students compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge, using an NXT robot and TETRIX metal and plastic components to make a much larger, stronger robot, still based on the same robot CPU. The Tennessee FTC can be found at the Iron Thunder site.

Our programs for Chattanooga State Technical Community College and the Creatve Discovery Museum are based on five day courses that prepare students for programming, problem-solving, and teamwork. Locally developed curricula are based on elements from Lego EducationCarnagie Mellon Robotics Academy,author Damien Kee and eight years of local experience.

We also have community organization programs based on both NXT and (the older) RCX Lego robots.

General information on robots and their role in education is also available fromRobots on IEEE Spectrum.

Here is an interesting article on the history of robotics, arificial ingtelligence and robotic applications: Robotics

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